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A note about the podcast:

Dr. Kirlew and many of our recent grads have assured me that the cases you hear about in the podcasts are not an everyday occurrence here in Sioux Lookout. In fact based on feedback from new grads who start their first "official" job here in Sioux Lookout our region is one of the best places to get started.

Top Three Reasons to Start your Career in Sioux Lookout (based on feedback from new grads):

  1. Incredible support. Sioux Lookout's local FT group comprises all ranges of careers from 30+ year vets, mid-career, and fresh out of school. This provides an optimal mix for learning and growing as a professional.
  2. Exciting Engaging Medicine. Our local doctor's enjoy the variety of their career. Opportunities are everywhere to pursue your medical passion while at the same time improving your core skills.
  3. Being Taken Care Of. Sioux Lookout's compensation model combined with the beauty of the local area allows physicians to live an unparalleled lifestyle. No traffic, no urban stress. But a large enough community to have services that we all wouldn't want to do without.

"Sioux Lookout strikes a good balance between allowing me to be independent and having high quality advice when I need it. I am a better doctor because of my time there." - Recent ER Fellowship Grad


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