Sioux Lookout Regional Physicians Services Inc.


Sioux Lookout: Where the North Works.

A common concern for all incoming professionals is spousal/partner employment. Although Sioux Lookout is a small town population wise or catchment area of 32,000 people makes us the de facto centre of commerce in the region. That means there is likely an opportunity here for you!

Sioux Lookout is also an important public service region. Many provincial, federal and First Nation organizations have offices ins Sioux Lookout including:



Some of the largest employers in the area are health realted and Sioux Lookout is always looking for qualified practitioners and technicians. As our population continues to expand job demand is high and creates more opportunties at the managment level.

If you are intrested in understand the local labour market please get in touch as there is typically an opportunity that would fit your needs.

Here some other handy resources to help you in your search:



Many organizations also have their employment opportunities listed on their websites: